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Restaurant owner, two sons, workers arrested over Seeduwa death

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Seeduwa Police who conducted an investigation into the body found in a suitcase

floating in the Dandugam-Oya, arrested six people including a father who is a restaurant owner and his two sons, who were involved in the murder yesterday (19).

It has been revealed in the investigation that the reason behind this murder was a dispute over a fraud involving the payment of Rs. 2 million, stating that the two sons of the suspect will be sent for work in Japan.

The person who was killed is a resident of Mahawewa, Kudawewa. Police said that his name is Susantha Ranjan Ranasinghe (36) who is unmarried and has worked as a foreign employment broker. Claiming that they send people for jobs in Romania, Japan and European countries, this person took money from lots of people and went into hiding. Police said that they had received many complaints against the murdered person at Madampe, Katana and Bandarawela Police stations.

On the 16th, the body of this person, who had been missing since the 12th, was found in a travel bag floating in the Dandugam-Oya. Even then, the body was found decomposed. Police revealed that the body was found in the travel bag as the people living on both sides of the river brought it to their attention and alerted the Police. During the investigation after the recovery of the body, the identity of the body found inside the bag was revealed by the officers of Seeduwa Police before 24 hours. The post-mortem revealed that he had been beaten to death. Accordingly, the Police started investigating the death as a murder.

Even the security cameras installed in the shops and houses on both sides of the river were under strict surveillance by the Police. The Police have been able to solve this crime by focusing on a suspicious car and investigating it. Apart from that, analysis of the suspect’s mobile phone has revealed many important details.

The Police said that the murdered person and the suspects are known friends. According to the information received by the restaurant owner on the 11th that this person who is gone into hiding is staying somewhere in Pettah after receiving Rs. 2 million after saying that he will send the two sons of the restaurant owner to Japan, he and his two sons went to Pettah and caught him and took him to a 50 acre coconut plantation in Katana Dagonna.

Police said that the man was beaten by the father and the two sons and finally strangled to death. After this murder, the body was put in a bag and the same day it was taken from Dagonna in the car and dumped in the Dandugam-Oya. Police said the body was dumped in an area slightly above the place where it was found. Police said that it was found because it was stuck on the way down; otherwise it might have been swept into the sea.

Apart from the restaurant owner father and two sons, the rest of the three people who have been arrested on suspicion of this murder are the employees of the restaurant owner. The charge against them working in the restaurant is aiding and abetting this murder.

The investigation team of the Seeduwa Police went to Dagonna Polwatta yesterday and even observed the place where the murder took place. Officers of the Negombo Crime Investigation Laboratory have also gone there to carry out an investigation and have been engaged in collecting evidence.

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