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Romance is in the air

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The ‘Ciao Adios’ hitmaker has written tracks like ‘Tell Your Girlfriend’ and ‘Better Not Together’ for hew new album ‘Therapy’, and she explained her decision to keep writing about previous romances.

She told the Metro newspaper’s Guilty Pleasures column: “Talking about past relationships brings up the emotion again.

“It’s about what I felt in the past and what I am starting to feel now about past relationships.

“It can be the same situation as on my first album [‘Speak Your Mind’], but because of where I am at now, it’s a completely different point of view.”

Thankfully for Anne-Marie, none of her former flames have got in touch over her tunes.

She added: “I haven’t had to deal with exes, which is great. It is quite nice being able to sing about it.

“Before I had a therapist, my therapy was telling everyone about what I’ve been through.”

And while the prolific songwriter has penned a number of big hits, she was worried during lockdown that she’d run out of good ideas.

She explained: “In lockdown I did go through a block where I had no inspiration at all.

“It was quite scary at the start because everyone was like, ‘This is your time to know yourself truly and be inspired’. I was like, ‘I literally have nothing in my brain’.

“That was tough. Throughout lockdown the more I was learning about myself, talking to my therapist was giving me inspiration.”

Anne-Marie recently revealed she had sought therapy for paranoia last year but felt like an “a*******” asking for help because she thought her glamorous lifestyle and a successful career should make her happy.

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