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Ruwan’s Rise: New Song Heguna Promises a Masterful Blend of Voices and Melody

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From the hills of Kandy to the vibrant world of music, Ruwan Kumara Ranasinghe’s voice has serenaded thousands, each note a brushstroke painting intricate emotions. His latest creation, Heguna, promises to be another masterpiece, a sonic tapestry woven with the golden threads of Thirathi Amoda’s dulcet tones and the soulful melodies of Ruwan Meegaswaththa. Achala Solomons’ heartfelt lyrics add a final touch of poignant beauty, making Heguna a song that resonates deep within the heart.

Ruwan’s musical journey began in 2014 as if guided by the unseen hand of destiny. His debut song, Pata Gewa Adare, penned by Dhanushka Kumaratunga and composed by Ruwan Meegaswaththa, took the music world by storm. It was a springboard, launching him into a career filled with gems like Nolebena Obe, Senasumak Patha, Obe Ruwa, and Sagare Taram.

Nolebena Obe, a duet with the talented Nimanthi Chamodani, was a testament to Ruwan’s ability to collaborate and bring out the best in his fellow artistes. Nimanthi, a Derana Dream Star contestant, lent her voice to Sathsara Kasun’s poignant lyrics and Dulip Mirando’s captivating melody. The song even made it to the top 25 of the Derana Music Video Awards 2015, making Ruwan beam proud.

Ruwan’s music often carries a personal touch. Senasumak Patha, adorned by Ruwan Meegaswaththa’s poetic lyrics and music, resonates with a familiar warmth. And then there’s Obe Ruwa, which brought his sister, Sadunika, into the musical fold. My sister wrote the lyrics, and he says Sanjula Himala added the musical flavour, his voice filled with brotherly affection. It was a special moment to share the stage with her.

His fifth creation, Sagare Taram, was a cover song that showcased Ruwan’s versatility. Nilan Fernando’s music and Radika Madhushan’s lyrics provided the perfect canvas for combining Ruwan and Imasha Muthukumari’s voices harmoniously.

Beyond his musical journey, Ruwan is passionate about nurturing new talent. He says if you need lyrics written, his eyes twinkling, never hesitate to reach out on Facebook or Instagram. And always remember, he adds, a touch of gratitude in his voice, if you know me as a singer, it’s because of my mother.

Ruwan Kumara Ranasinghe is more than just a singer; he’s a storyteller. His music is a tapestry woven with emotions, memories, and a relentless passion for the craft. Each song is a chapter in his artistic journey, inviting listeners to delve into a world where hearts sing, and melodies paint a thousand tales.

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