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Sajith accuses Govt. of misleading public

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Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said yesterday that the Government is again deceiving the people by uttering many falsehoods over domestic debt restructuring. But what is actually happening is not debt restructuring but debt optimization and the Government is engaged in manipulation of words to mislead the public.

He was speaking during a discussion held with the representatives of the banking system in Sri Lanka yesterday.

He said that he and his party requested the Government to reveal the agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund to Parliament and the country, before entering into such an agreement. But the Government did not consider our request. It is essential to come to a sustainable and permanent solution by negotiating with all the political parties before entering into such an agreement. But the rulers of our country have gone to the IMF late and entered into unuseful agreements. He said that people are currently facing the negative results of it. The Opposition Leader further emphasized that even though the Samagi Jana Blavegaya had requested the Government to reach a friendly discussion and a good agreement on many occasions, it did not take any of that into consideration and boasted that they are doing well. But people have had to experience the negative consequences today. He also said that if domestic debt restructuring is implemented, the economy, the banking system and the country’s 22 million population will become helpless and the country will be destroyed further.

Saturday, May 20, 2023 – 01:10

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