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Sanhinda Elders’ Day Care Centre for Kirigampamunuwa renovated

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A building of the Kirigampamunuwa Model Primary School, which was built some time ago in the Kirigampamunuwa in Polgasowita, was renovated and handed over to the people as an elders’ day care centre under the patronage of the Transport, Highways and Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana.

The National Secretariat for Elders has allocated the necessary funds for the refurbishment of the old building and establishment of the necessary facilities. Kirigampamunuwa Sanhinda Elders’ Day Care Centre is the only adult day care centre in the Colombo district that has been developed in this way.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana said that he succeeded in establishing the Mahinda Rajapaksa College in Pitipana to address the educational needs of the children in the area.

“A large number of people living in this area are trying to get their children admitted to schools. They even prepare fake documents. All this is done to get their children admitted to a better school”.

He added that the Pitipana Mahinda Rajapaksa Vidyalaya is the largest secondary school in Asia and the children of the school have excelled in academic activities.

He said that he wanted to establish a primary school in the area and the foundation stone was even laid for the construction of the school. However he said that he lost his ministerial portfolio “When a new concept is presented, no matter how effective it is, there is a tradition in our country of successive governments not taking it forward. As the Trade Minister, I established 13 economic centres throughout the island. No one has built anything like that since then”, he said.

He explained how he pioneered in building 251 Faculties of Technology and 1,000 Technology Labs to introduce the stream of technology throughout the island. “After that, no one has done such a thing. The reason is that the people of our country do not have an understanding of the truth except political slogans”, he said.

At present, the electricity bill of religious places in the country has been reduced by 1/3. The electricity bill received by the house has been reduced by 22%. The prices of petrol and diesel have also been reduced. Many people do not understand how it happened.

“In the past, the rupee became stronger. In 2022, the rupee collapsed completely. The foreign reserves we had were completely exhausted. Then no foreign country would accept a letter of credit issued by us”, he added.

He said that this situation led to the shortage of essential materials including fuel and gas in the country.

“Then there is violence among the people on the instigation of certain people.

After taking over the country by President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the quantity of reserves which had collapsed has now increased to US dollars 4.5 billion. He said that present government led by the President managed to make this achievement.

The violent activities have been brought under control, tourists have started coming back into the country, and the rupee has now strengthened. He said that the price of goods can be decreased, if the rupee becomes strengthened further.

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