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Scary reality to earth, if it lost oxygen for five SECONDS revealed

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A new video is making seismic waves across social media, revealing the scary reality of what would happen to the Earth if it lost all its oxygen for just five seconds.

While most humans can hold their breath that long, the disappearance of this vital gaseous element would toss our world into chaos.

Some consequences, like the disappearance of Earth’s protective ozone layer, will come as no surprise to many, but the prolific TikTok user who detailed this hypothetical doomsday scenario did drop a few surprises.

Even with the sun still shining on our planet, for example, you’d be unlikely to see any of these fast-paced catastrophes at all, as the world would flip into total darkness.

‘Initially, your body probably wouldn’t even notice,’ according to Thomas Mulligan, who goes by on the platform.

‘But you would notice it, when the sky goes completely black,’ Mulligan added, ‘due to the atmosphere having no oxygen to scatter the rays of light from the sun.’

Mulligan, who’s originally from Vancouver in Canada, is known mostly for his his videos about outer space, technology, the future, and famous scientific figures like Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan.

As of this writing, the twenty something has amassed an audience of nearly 963,000 followers on the platform intrigued by his short explanations and scientific trivia.

Mulligan — who has done video on how to really survive a zombie apocalypse, the ‘Kardashev scale’ for advanced alien civilizations and more — teased out the second-order effects of a mass oxygen disappearance on Earth.

‘Any form of transportation that relies on combustion would immediately stop working,’ the TikToker pointed out, ‘causing planes to fall from the sky and millions of cars to stop working.’ (Daily Mail)

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