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School reopening: Positive response from students, teachers

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More than 50 per cent of the schools across the country were opened yesterday and the teachers’and students’ attendance was more satisfactory than expected, said Education Ministry Secretary Professor Kapila Perera yesterday (21).

Professor Perera said that the schools with students below 200 students are those attended by the children of poor families. He added that as the Government and the Education Ministry have fulfilled their responsibility properly and it was the parents’ responsibility to send the children to the re-opened schools. The Education Ministry Secretary further said that on average, 16 per cent of the students and 30 per cent of the teachers attended the schools that re-opened yesterday after a hiatus of almost two years. He added that it is expected that the percentage of the teacher- student attendance would increase considerably on Monday (Oct 25). The teacher unions have also urged their membership to report to work from Monday.

Ministry Secretary Professor Perera said that the student attendance was around 7 per cent in the Colombo District while the teachers’ attendance was around 17 per cent. However, the Northern Province recorded a student attendance of 21 per cent while the teachers’ attendance was between 48 per cent to 52 per cent. The students’ attendance in the Eastern Province was 39 per cent while the teachers’ attendance was 45 per cent. He also pointed out that the student and teacher attendance in Colombo was minimal whereas the percentages outside Colombo were commendable and encouraging.He also said that the opening of the schools with students below 200 is the first phase in the bid to open all the grades in schools countrywide in near future. All students above 15 will be inoculated in the first phase while currently, A/L students are being injected with the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

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