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SDB bank relaunches ‘Lakdaru Savings Account’

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SDB bank, a leading licensed specialised bank in Sri Lanka, has relaunched its highly popular ‘Lakdaru Savings Account’ with an array of new and enhanced features, aimed at effectively cultivating the healthy habit of saving in Sri Lanka children.

SDB bank had received remarkable success with ‘Lakdaru Savings Account’ since its initial launch in 2012 and building on this success, the bank has taken steps to enhance Lakdaru even further, aiming to establish it as one of the best children’s savings accounts in the market.

“A Smart Choice for Your Child’s Future,” SDB Lakdaru now offers the highest interest rates in the market, making it an ideal option for parents seeking effective savings solutions. Moreover, SDB Lakdaru introduces tiered gifts and rewards, insurance schemes, and an exclusive scholarship award for top performers at the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam.

By choosing SDB Lakdaru, parents not only secure a bright financial future for their children but also unlock a world of benefits. Milestones in the savings journey will be celebrated with valuable gifts and gift vouchers, making the process exciting for children while encouraging their saving habits. Furthermore, SDB bank recognizes the importance of financial security for families, which is why Lakdaru offers up to Rs. 50,000/- in hospitalisation insurance, ensuring the wellbeing of children.

Lakdaru’s Scholarship Award adds another dimension of support for young learners. Exceptional achievers in the Grade 5 scholarship exam will be eligible for a variety of exciting rewards based on their Lakdaru account balance at the time of the exam. SDB bank is dedicated to nurturing committed young learners and rewarding their outstanding academic achievements.

SDB bank invites all parents and children to embrace the habit of saving as early as possible and reap the maximum benefits with SDB Lakdaru. Together, let us shape a prosperous future for your child.

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