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Senul Ratnayake – young TT champion of Dharmaraja

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Senul proved his table tennis prowess at an early stage and was crowned champion in the Central Province Under-8 Tournament in 2017 and became the Under-8 All-Island runner-up in the Novices event in 2017 as well.

He was Sri Lanka’s Novices Under-10 champion in 2018 and was also the Novices runner-up in the Under-12 Boys’ Singles in 2019.

“I would like to pay my heartfelt gratitude to my father, mother also to all my coaches, teachers, well wishers and not forgetting my beloved school Dharmaraja College,” Senul said.

“My future ambition is to bring in a Gold Medal for Sri Lanka from a future South Asian Championships by beating India and make my country and school proud.”

Source DailyNews
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