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Serendib Flour Mills celebrates 15-year journey

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Serendib Flour Mills (SFML) commenced commercial operations in 2008 and for over 15 years has been driven by unwavering efforts to uplift the standard of living of all Sri Lankans with the finest wheat flour products, combining technological excellence and superior after sales service.

True to its purpose of nourishing the nation, SFML has positively transformed Sri Lanka’s wider food ecosystem elevating standards in the country’s bakery and food industry and improved the quality of life across the country.

As part of fulfilling its purpose, SFML has implemented robust food security measures to always guarantee an uninterrupted supply of wheat flour.

The company manages five regional warehouses at strategic locations in Sri Lanka stocking substantial quantity of wheat flour at any given time for easy market access for distributors, preventing any foreseeable delays in reaching customers and affirming food security.

Continuing its commitment to elevate the bakery industry, SFML recently introduced a range of value-added products such as ‘Premium Bakery Flour’. With the new premium flour, bakeries can deliver a superior loaf of bread to its customers thus delivering quality and value.

As of today, Serendib boasts of over 20 different flour varieties specially crafted for various segments. Each variety is prepared according to specific product specifications tailored to meet application requirement.

Driving widespread impact, SFML has collaborated to enrich the entire bakery industry value chain by working closely with partners such as AB Mauri. AB Mauri is a well-respected bakery ingredients company, and it is advantageous to build partnerships with such firms for ongoing skill development initiatives.

With the understanding that the estate community in Sri Lanka needs better nutrition, Serendib Flour Mills and the Planation Human Development Trust developed a fortified flour known as ‘Serendib Adi Shakthi’.

Serendib recently launched a new wheat flour named ‘7 Star Fibre Plus’ to help address the issue. It is reported that NCD’s account for over 80% of all deaths in Sri Lanka. 7 Star Fibre Plus contains 3% dietary fibre, iron and folic acid and provides 10% of the body’s daily fibre needs.

Apart from commercial endeavours, Serendib also prioritizes the wellbeing of its people. Serendib undertook the initiative to facilitate elderly people to witness the Annual Kandy Dalada perahera.

Similarly, during the height of Covid, Serendib embarked on a journey to supply wheat flour for over 1,000 families in the Chilaw, who were deprived of their daily incomes. The programme was titled ‘7 Star Manusathkara’ aimed to nourish the vulnerable sections of society.

Serendib Flour Mills CEO Vijay Sharma stated “Since our founding, SFML’s purpose has been to nourish Sri Lankan families with essential, quality wheat flour while raising industry standards. We have persevered despite challenges in fulfilling our purpose – through production consistency, food security measures and nutritious offerings. We remain committed to enriching our nation’s sustenance further and to continue nourishing Sri Lankan families.”

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