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Showman posing as ‘Bodhisatva’ gets travel ban

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The Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court yesterday (12) issued an order banning the foreign travel of Mahinda Kodituwakku alias Avalokeetheshwara Bodhisatva, who distorts Buddhism by posing as a Bodhisatva and delivering various sermons and lectures.

The Magistrate ordered the court registrar to send a fax message to the Immigration Office informing him of this ban.

The Magistrate accepted a request made by Deputy Solicitor General Dileepa Peiris, who appeared on behalf of the Computer Division of the Criminal Investigation Department, submitting facts at length and ordered that a report on all the bank accounts related to the personal identity card of this person be summoned.

It is said that the suspect molested his daughter and renounced normal daily life. A request was made to file a case under the juvenile crime of the same story. Deputy Solicitor General Dileepa

Peiris said in the hearing that this person has received a lot of money and that they are investigating how he received the money.

According to complaints received from the Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs Pemasiri Ratnayake, the Buddhist Center, the Sinhala Ravaya Organization, Angulugalle Siri Janananda Thera and Balangoda Kassapa Thera, the suspect had come from Egypt and had been preaching under the name of Avalokeetheshwara Bodhisatva since January 1 at the Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara. The Deputy Solicitor General informed the court that the Computer Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department had started the investigation. The investigation had revealed that there are a group of followers who are supporting this person and among them is a Sergeant named Punyasiri attached to the Badalgama Police and a nun.

This person has spread these sermons through YouTube channels and through his Facebook accounts. Information has been received that these sermons are being conducted continuously by visiting houses. These sermons have been given under the name of 180 Sermons and 180 Short Sermons through YouTube channels. Ruwan Kumara of Kottawa had preached in a similar manner. He has asked to eat cyanide. The Buddha’s thirty-two masculinity characteristics have been talked about belittling them. A number of stories have been told as if in a mentally affected state, including the fact that Yashodhara did not eat, saying that when Bodhisatva attained enlightenment he would come back.

He has said that the Saddharma Pundalika Sutra mentions to sacrifice one’s life to Buddha, and according to that, dying after having set fire to oneself is a pooja to Buddha. Statements have been issued insulting Yashodhara and saying various things about her including the fact that Yashodhara is a pitiful, wretched person and that there is a generation that grows up to be similar to her and that she was hoping that Bodhisattva would become a Buddha and come to meet her as his wife. It has also been said that she has been addressed by various names including ‘that woman’.Those who have court cases should attend the sermons and then end them. The Attorney General should also be careful. He has delivered various sermons relating various stories that the third judge has been born.

He has worked by exploiting people. Anyone can maintain a certain religion or ideology. Whether it is Jerome or this person, the Attorney General’s Department said that it should be investigated in connection with these harmful ideologies and that the court will be informed of the progress of the investigations and be reported to the court in the upcoming days.

The Computer Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation Department is conducting an investigation into a controversial situation on the feelings caused in the Buddhist community by posing as valokitheeshwara Bodhisatva using the social media and spreading false facts about certain Sutras of Buddhism.

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