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SJB must reveal how they got Rs.235 Mn to donate 47 buses – Jeevan

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Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Facilities Development Minister Jeevan Thondaman yesterday said that the SJB thinks that their role is to oppose everything that the government does and are making baseless allegations to make sure that the government is being inconvenienced.

Minister Thondaman asked the SJB how 47 buses valued at Rs. 5 million each have been donated to schools and said they should reveal how they got Rs. 235 million to buy the buses and confirm transparency.

He said that the Opposition SJB has become fearful today regarding the statement he made in Parliament regarding them, that they talk highly of eradicating corruption, and that they should prove it through actions as well as the fact that they should reveal to the country where they get the money to buy buses for distribution. Thondaman made these comments in a media release he issued and he also said that without responding to the statement he made, the Opposition is making baseless criticisms, today.

He said further that the opposition is attempting to paste the label corruption on the government, in order to mess up the procedure that the government is engaged in and that they should declare how they obtain the money spent on buses being donated to schools.


Friday, March 31, 2023 – 01:00

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