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Skills for Inclusive Growth and Chefs Guild of Lanka launch digital cookbook

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Skills for Inclusive Growth (S4IG), in partnership with the Chefs Guild of Lanka, announced the launch of its highly anticipated “Digital Cookbook: 40 Authentic Dishes by Sri Lanka’s Youth” on World Tourism Day.

The launch of this digital cookbook was made possible through a partnership that blends the dedication and expertise of both organizations.

The digital version was unveiled during the “Sustainable Niche Tourism Learning Expo” organized by the USAID Indo Pacific Opportunity Project (IPOP), then launched at the World Tourism Day event hosted by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA).

These events served as the perfect platform to showcase the cookbook, not merely a collection of recipes but a vibrant celebration of Sri Lankan culinary traditions, showcasing the diverse flavours and rich heritage that have been passed down through generations.

“This cookbook is not only a culinary treasure; it’s a beacon of inclusivity and opportunity,” stated Consultant at Skills for Inclusive Growth, Stephen Lodziak. “Skills for Inclusive Growth is committed to transforming the perception of the chef profession, promoting inclusivity, and creating opportunities for women and people with disabilities.”

“The cookbook underscores that working in a kitchen is a viable and rewarding career path, with the potential for participants to increase their income and actively contribute to the country’s culinary heritage.”

At the Sustainable Niche Tourism Learning Expo, S4IG hosted a stall where contestants from the Supreme Chef reality TV show, guided by Chef Mentors from the Chefs Guild of Lanka, prepared curries, and other dishes from the cookbook for participants to taste.

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