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SLASSCOM Quality Summit on Sep. 26-27

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In the dynamic landscape of technology, where innovation and precision reign supreme, the pursuit of quality stands as a cornerstone of success.

For seven consecutive years the Quality Summit, organized by SLASSCOM, has been at the forefront of driving excellence in the IT/ BPM industries, paving the way for progress, growth, and transformation. This year will be the 7th edition, of this remarkable event that will be held on September 26-27, from 03 pm to 06.30 pm.

This year’s ‘Quality Summit is not just an event; it’s will be an embodiment of collaboration, vision, and aspiration. With a convergence of thought leaders, CXOs and quality practitioners, this summit is a platform designed to promote Sri Lanka as a destination for product engineering. It’s an endeavor to propel the IT & BPM industries into the next wave of growth, aligning them with international standards of quality, security and governance. Set to unfold over two transformative days, this virtual conference promises an unrivaled exposure to the latest trends, innovations and technologies in software testing.

Themed as ‘Quality Reimagined: Mastering the Next Wave of Evolution’, Quality Summit 2023 will dive into the heart of cutting-edge discussions. With a lineup that combines both local prowess and international insights, the summit is geared to explore diverse topics that resonate with the challenges and trends of today’s IT industry. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) in test designing to fortifying software against emerging cyber threats, from accelerating software delivery to the evolution of JS automation frameworks – each session is poised to deliver unparalleled insights.

The summit’s agenda features stimulating panel discussions, meticulously curated to align with the industry’s pulse. Delve into the AI evolvement and its impact on testing on Day 01, and on charting your course in the QA/QE career path on Day 02.

The audience will include senior management and CXO-level executives within the tech sphere to employees impacting the IT/BPM sector, including those specializing in Business Process Management. Quality engineering professionals, business analysts, UI/UX experts, software engineers, DevOps practitioners, and the academic community in the tech sphere will find their space of growth and interaction. Moreover, undergraduate and graduate students pursuing careers in the realm of IT are extended a special invitation, offering a glimpse into the future they aspire to shape.

Beyond its exceptional insights, the Quality Summit has a larger mission – to build industry awareness in the domain of Quality Engineering/Quality Assurance. It aspires to unite the IT and BPM sectors under a single banner of quality excellence, fostering an environment where the pursuit of excellence is nurtured collectively. It’s not merely about attending sessions; it’s about contributing to a movement that defines the future of tech.

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