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SLASSCOM WTech Forum fuels acceleration for Regional Female Tech Entrepreneurs

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In its pursuit of addressing the crucial need for technological education and business acumen within Sri Lanka’s SME landscape, SLASSCOM Women Technopreneurs Forum, in partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi, introduced an innovative Regional Female Entrepreneur Development program in 2022.

Following its successful launch, the forum recently presented the second edition in 2023, with a strong focus on nurturing the development of female tech entrepreneurs in various regions.

The program was centered on empowering regional female entrepreneurs and technopreneurs by providing them with crucial skills for scaling, accessing funding, and improving proficiency in digital platforms and AI technologies.

The 2023 edition marked a positive change, with a greater participation of tech entrepreneurs from various regions and female tech entrepreneurs operating businesses across Sri Lanka.

The program, conducted in English, Sinhala, and Tamil to ensure inclusivity, attracted over 115 applicants, from which 17 tech businesses were shortlisted. Over a span of three months, a panel of expert trainers facilitated sessions covering a spectrum of topics.

The Forum also conducted a curated one day Bootcamp titled Digital Dynamo, on Brand Building, Performance marketing, using meta and Google platforms guided by the an expert panel of Industry Leaders

During the final demo day, female participants had the chance to exhibit their businesses and their community impact.

The audience, including investors, ecosystem partners, chambers, mentors, regional hubs, and experts, gained insights into the businesses’ needs for support in digital platform access, investor readiness, improved branding, and digital marketing strategies. The top five participants, recognized as winners, will receive financial support to enhance specific aspects of their businesses.

Apart from the selected participants, SLASSCOM acknowledges the potential in other female applicants and pledges support through collaborations with similar organizations.

These applicants will receive aid in digitizing and onboarding their businesses on social media and payment platforms. Additionally, they will benefit from continuous guidance through regional hubs to support ongoing business development.

Moreover, the forum strives to empower women in tech roles within the IT & BPM sector, providing them with the access and community needed for success and advancement within the corporate ladder. Through these efforts, SLASSCOM aims to foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the industry.

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