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SLPP strengthening political activities again – State Minister

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State Minister Janaka Wakkumbura said that as a political party, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) is once again successfully conducting political activities.

He stated this while attending a media conference held at the SLPP party headquarters yesterday (23). He said that it is never possible to scare the party, set it on fire and destroy it since the SLPP is a strong political movement.

“The Opposition is once again trying to bring the teachers on the streets when education is going forward successfully. It is expected once again that the teachers will be brought back to the street and destroy the children’s education and their future. The Opposition is now saying that the government does not even think of people’s issues. As a government, we think and work from the side of the people,” he added.

Speaking on party politics he added that the SLPP is now strengthening their political activities from village level aiming to strengthen the party once again.

“Many people thought that our Party has no people-power. The SLPP, as a political party that can take care of the people. So far, we have once again been moving forward. Even now, the party strengthening activities have resumed. Besides development and infrastructure development activities are started. Under this I hope to build 200 new bridges under my Ministry,” he said.

He accused that the Opposition hopes to discourage the people in various ways. But the people of this country gave the necessary power to the SLPP to work for them. However, the SLPP could not work for nearly two years, he added.

“Even now, we are fulfilling our duties once again. When the President was appointed, people scolded us. Now when the President and the government do a good job together, there are many people who try to obtain the credit,” he said.

He further said that the opposition says in the parliament that the President is good but the Members of Parliament are bad. The President is now being blamed when he is taking the country on the right path. Therefore, the government is doing its part.

“We are working to solve problems and issues. Also, as a political party, we are once again taking our programme forward and we are working to provide relief to the people,” he added. These days, a census is being carried out to restore the Samurdhi for needy people. There was no interference in it. Neither the party, nor the government, nor any politician, nor one of our party members was mediate the process. It was given to an independent group. But the SLPP will stand for the people who face injustice.

Addressing the media, MP Samanpriya Herath said he is happy that two Parties with policy differences have come together now to provide some relief to the people of this country.

Saturday, June 24, 2023 – 01:19

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