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“SLPP taking action to move forward as a party”

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Investment Promotion State Minister Dilum Amunugama said that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) has taken necessary action to move forward as a party and that action is currently being carried out. He stated this while addressing a media briefing on Wednesday at the SLPP headquarters.

“Necessary activities to move forward as a party are currently being carried out,” he noted.

State Minister Amunugama said that SLPP is being strengthened at the grass-roots level by discussing with the representatives, divisional representatives and candidates who have appeared for the election and resolving the problems of the party.

“Currently, we are carrying out the re-strengthening of the SLPP. Also, by the end of this month, discussions will be carried out to resolve issues, if there are any problems. Problems and issues that need to be resolved by the party’s head office will be resolved to move forward as a party,” Amunugama added.

He said that when thinking about the situation a year ago and the situation now, the Government and the President have been able to bring the people’s life back to normal.

It does not mean that all the problems have been resolved. The Treasury is still in a difficult situation, but the value of the rupee is stabilizing and the prices of some goods have decreased.

“The next major challenge is that we have not paid our loan installments as we all know. The next target of the Government should be to start paying the next loan installments. Debt restructuring is currently being discussed at length. Certain aspects may be affected during debt restructuring,” he added.

Amunugama said that attention has been focused on how we can increase the country’s income to pay these loan installments. The revenue of the Customs has been greatly reduced with the limitation of imports. Attention has been paid to this as well.

It is very clearly needed to strengthen foreign investment to pay the debt. So far, the investment environment is favourable. A committee has been formed to create a suitable environment for foreign investment.

“If we are able to go to this position, we will get the ability to start paying the loan installments in some way at the beginning of next year without disrupting the process,” Amunugama said.

When he was asked whether the SLPP is insisting on Cabinet portfolios from the President, he said that no one in the SLPP asks for anything in a threatening manner. “Discussions with the President are going on amicably,” Amunugama said.


Friday, June 23, 2023 – 01:00

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