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SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise strengthens partnership with Fortinet

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SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise has expanded its partnership with Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, providing multifunctional and comprehensive protection through next-generation AI-enabled managed firewall services for enterprise and government customers. The Fortinet Pay-As-You-Grow model is offered locally in Sri Lanka by the dynamic value-added distributor, EGUARDIAN.

The collaboration was marked by a formal agreement signed by Janaka Abeysinghe, Chief Executive Officer of SLT and Mafaz Fahrid, Chief Executive Officer of EGUARDIAN, with representatives from both organisations present at the event.

The solutions are provided as a service and depending on the features requested, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise will enable the services based on a customer’s requirements.

The partnership offers a host of benefits for customers through the next-generation AI-enabled managed firewall service, such as ensuringa comprehensive and layered defence strategy against cyber threats and safeguarding critical assets and sensitive information.

With SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise, clients have the benefit of upgrading themselves to theenhanced threat intelligence, automation, and adaptive learning capabilities of next-generation AI firewall solutions, which significantly improve the chances of detecting and stopping unknown zero-day threats.

EGUARDIAN CEO Mafaz Fahrid stated; “We are thrilled to partner with SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise in introducing the FortiFlex programme, a testament to our shared vision of delivering exceptional security solutions to our valued customers. This collaboration enables us to provide unparalleled flexibility in licencing options, simplifying onboarding and embracing usage-based licencing across cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments. By joining forces, we empower customers to effortlessly access the cybersecurity solutions they need, aligning with SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge services that protect critical assets and drive digital transformation.”

“SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise is delighted to join forces with Fortinet as we aim to deliver advanced and scalable cybersecurity solutions to our valued customers,” stated Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO of SLT.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s expert team of cybersecurity professionals, armed with Fortinet’s advanced tools, will work closely with customers to tailor security policies and implement effective measures that align with their specific requirements.

In the ever-changing landscape of online and customer demands, especially during special promotions such as Black Friday, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise caters to these specific demands effectively.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s next-generation AI-enabled managed firewall service can easily adapt to accommodate changing demands. This enables customers to focus on their core business activities while entrusting their cybersecurity responsibilities to a reliable and capable partner.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital infrastructure and data-driven operations, cybersecurity becomes an essential component to enable growth and protect sensitive information. SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s partnership expansion with Fortinet reflects the company’s commitment to supporting Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s partnership expansion with Fortinet strengthens the company’s position to #DoBusinessBetter as a leading provider of digital services that also contributes to the overall cybersecurity landscape in Sri Lanka.

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