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Some TUs playing politics – SLFP Vice President

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Former Central Province Governor and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Vice President Sarath Ekanayake said that the question arises as to whether some trade unions are persecuting the people for real trade union issues or for political purposes.

“Although true patriots are not able to destroy the country’s resources, the people have not forgotten the devastation caused by certain so-called patriots in our country by setting fire to public property including buses,” he said.

Sarath Ekanayake was speaking at a party reorganisation programme held in the Pathadumbara Electorate in Kandy on Sunday.

Ekanayake also said, our future is uncertain. That is why many people are trying to go abroad. Parents are very worried about the future of their children.

Today, when we talk about nationalism in the country, we are reminded of the times of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike. During that Government there were bread queues and rice queues.

“The people had to suffer and defeat Mrs. Bandaranaike’s Government as they could not tolerate the situation at that time. If the programme started by Mrs. Bandaranaike had been implemented then there would be no need to talk about nationalism today. If you say do not bring anything from abroad, then these items must be available in the country. Otherwise, those who depend on them will take to the streets,” the SLFP Vice President said.

Ekanayake added that the Government is trying to bring the country to a certain level in the face of the COVID pandemic.

But unfortunately, in this short period of time, some people are trying to get their wallets stuffed. The President has not been able to achieve his goals because of those who think about themselves and not about the country.

“There is a difference between farmers taking to the streets saying there is no fertilizer and health workers taking to the streets. Most of the people in this country are sick. We are all sick after eating imported poison. People are suffering due to the protests of the health workers.

“We need to find out if the reason behind this strike is really a health issue or a political issue. Loving the country means loving State property as well. We know how much they loved State property in 88-89,” he added.


Thursday, February 17, 2022 – 01:00

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