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Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2023 on Nov. 28, 29

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The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce announced that the Sri Lanka Economic Summit (SLES) 2023, will be held on November 28 and 29 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo. This year’s summit will be conducted under the theme, “Sustain Reform, Accelerate Growth,” and will explore crucial facets of the Sri Lankan economy and its path towards stability and prosperity.

The SLES 2023 comes at a pivotal moment for the nation’s economy, as it embarks on a programme of stabilisation following the challenges faced in 2022. Key to this stability is the commencement of the17th IMF program, signifying a renewed commitment to economic reforms. The focus now has to be on meeting the structural benchmarks outlined under this program to maintain stability.

The two-day hybrid summit will explore how Sri Lanka can leverage this opportunity to accelerate economic progress, delving into the strategies and actions required to balance the twin objectives of meeting the IMF Programme requirements whilst pursuing reforms in critical areas. Amidst the ongoing reforms, it is imperative that these changes go beyond mere policy documents and committees, translating into impactful implementation that drives tangible results for the nation. Against this backdrop, the summit will also explore how to ensure sustainable reforms that become instrumental in shaping the future of the Sri Lankan economy.

Since its inauguration in 2000, the SLES has consistently proven to be an exceptional platform that brings together policymakers, economists, and industry veterans, from both the national and international arenas, to share insights on leveraging key macroeconomic policies to ensure stability and foster progress.

Key highlights of the summit will include panel discussions, keynote addresses, and interactive sessions featuring prominent speakers from various sectors.

Registrations for SLES 2023 are now open and more information could be obtained from, or

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