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Sri Lanka Insurance launches PETSURANCE

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Sri Lanka Insurance, the pioneer insurance company of Sri Lanka yet again has introduced a novel productto the Sri Lanka insurance market named Petsurance. This product is being launched coinciding with the World Animal Day.It is a comprehensive insurance solution provided for pet owners to ensure financial protection for their pets given the need for medical treatment expenses.

“Petsurance” offers medical insurance coverage for sudden illnesses and sickness, except for congenital and pre-existing conditions. It also provides coverage for accidental injuries and it will cover a maximum of Rs. 550,000 a year.

This insurance cover would offer pet owners access to medical attention for their pets without the burden of excessive costs. The company is aiming to provide a safety net for pet owners, allowing them to provide the best care for their companion animals via this insurance scheme.

The initial stage of Petsurance will focus on pet dogs. It is expected to be extended to other animals if the ‘pet project’ succeeds.

Mrs. Chrishanti Perera, Founder President of Randi Foundation – A Strong Voice For Animal Welfare, was instrumental in identifying the need for Pet Insurance.Understanding the market need for Pet Insurance Sri Lanka Insurance developed this valuable product “Petsurance” to enhance the welfare of the pets of the country.

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