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Sri Lanka Shines!

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62 young talents are excited to represent Sri Lanka and participate at the UCMAS International Competition to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 3. This is the biggest Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Competition in the World. Whilst children from more than 80 countries around the world are expected to participate in this competition, this is the first time that Sri Lanka is being represented by this many children. This is a great victory and honour to our Nation.

The CEO of UCMAS Sri Lanka, Vijay Sivashankar, commented that under the new management and leadership of the company, UCMAS Sri Lanka has taken great strides in giving “Education with a Difference” to students and making them geniuses, so that they are able to meet the challenges of the future. He further stated, “We were able to successfully conduct a grand scale Sri Lankan National Championship in August this year, with around 2000 competitors participating from the UCMAS Centres Island wide”.

He confirmed that 62 Students from centres around the Island Nation are participating in the international competition and it is a great pride for our country. We are expecting our brilliant Sri Lankan children to perform exceptionally well at the international competition as well, he added.

UCMAS is a skills development programme based on the Abacus for children aged 4 to 13 wherein results are seen in the following areas: Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination, Creativity, Judgement, Application, Reasoning and Self Confidence.

It is a Programme based on continuous research and development where it is designed to stimulate the whole brain; and as a result, the children excel not only in Mathematics but also in all other school subjects as well including games such as cricket, soccer, chess and other board games.

This Programme was introduced to the world by Prof. Dr. Dino Wong and continuous research and development has been done by many Intellectuals around the world. Research done by professor Dr. David Barner from University of California and Professor Dr. Michael Barner from MIT on UCMAS students has proven that these students have shown extra ordinary talents compared to their school peers.

Currently this Programme is offered in 84 Countries around the Globe and is conducted in more than 6000 Centres with over 3 million students trained.

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