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Sri Lankan receives Japan’s ‘Order of the Rising Sun’

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On September 19, Japanese Ambassador Mizukoshi Hideaki conferred ‘The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays’ on Sunil Gamini Wijesinha, former President of Japan–Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association, JASTECA.

Wijesinha received the honour in recognition of his contribution to strengthen economic relations and promote mutual understanding between Japan and Sri Lanka, by disseminating the Japanese management styles in Sri Lanka.

Wijesinha has played a pivotal role in promoting Japanese management practices in Sri Lanka. His deep appreciation for Japanese technology and management techniques goes back to the experience as a trainee in Japan in 1980.

As a long-committed member of JASTECA, he leveraged his engineering background to introduce and implement Japanese management methods, including ‘Quality Circles’, a system involving non-executive employees in enhancing quality and productivity; ‘5S’ principle, which encompasses sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing, and sustaining to improve corporate management and customer satisfaction; and ‘Kaizen’, a practice of continuous improvement within organizations.

Ambassador Mizukoshi commended Wijesinha for not just introducing but also popularizing and firmly establishing Japanese management techniques in Sri Lanka. He highlighted that this effort had not only played a significant role in advancing the country’s economic growth, but also had resulted in an overall improvement in the well-being of its people. Furthermore, Ambassador Mizukoshi underscored that Wijesinha’s work had fostered a deeper appreciation and understanding of Japan in Sri Lanka.

‘The Order of the Rising Sun’ is awarded by the Emperor of Japan to foreign nationals who have made distinguished contribution to enhancing friendly relations with Japan.

It is hoped that this auspicious event would further develop the bilateral relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka.

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