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Submissions on Department of National Archives’ draft policy called for

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The National Archives announces the call for public submissions on the draft National Policy on Archives and Records Management. As part of the commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of the history, stakeholders, experts, and the public at large are invited to contribute their valuable insights and recommendations to shape this essential policy.

The National Policy on Archives and Records Management will provide direction and an appropriate framework for action that will inform and shape the management, preservation, and accessibility of the nation’s archival records. It recognises the significance of safeguarding the collective memory and embracing technological advancements to ensure that future generations can access and learn from the shared history.

Key areas of focus include Access and Preservation: Striking the delicate balance between providing public access to archives and records, safeguarding sensitive information, and ensuring the longevity of material in all formats.

Digital Records Management: Developing strategies and adopting technologies to manage and preserve digital records and assets effectively. Collaboration and Partnerships: Fostering cooperation with relevant institutions and stakeholders to enhance archives management practices.

The success of this policy relies on the collective knowledge of the diverse communities. Therefore, researchers, archivists, records managers, and all citizens interested in and/or impacted by record keeping practices in the public and private sectors are encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity to shape the future of archives and records management in the country.

“Public participation is essential to ensure that the National Policy on Archives and Records Management reflects the evolving needs of society,” Director General National Archives Dr. Nadeera Rupesinghe said. “We value the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders and are eager to receive their valuable feedback”

How to Participate: To contribute to the shaping of this vital policy, all interested parties can download the draft policy and submit comments through an online form available on the website from July 22. Or, a hard copy can be obtained by visiting the head office in Colombo or the branch office in Kandy. The submission period will remain open until August 7.

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