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Sumathipala’s team pledges bold changes ahead of Federation Election

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The Presidential Candidate of FFSL Elections Dacshitha Sumathipala addressing the media (third from extreme right). Others from left: T. I. Uduwara, from Wattala Football League and Sri Lanka Prison Player, P.G.P Pieris of Dehiwala Football League and Sri Lanka National Player, T. Suthagar from NSSA Football League and People’s Bank Club Player, Rohitha Fernando from Wennappuwa football League and Former Sri Lanka Youth Player and National Poolist and Hashini Ariyaratne from Deniyaya Women’s Football League and Sri Lanka Women’s National Player. (PICTURE BY – HERBERT PERERA )

Dacshitha Sumathipala, the head of the Sumathipala fraction, expressed strong confidence in his team’s chances of victory in the upcoming secret ballot among the 64 League members of the Sri Lanka Football Federation. During a press conference held at Nippon Hotel Colombo yesterday, Sumathipala revealed that his team currently enjoys the support of 36 League members, with expectations of further support by the time of the election scheduled for September 29 at the Sri Lanka Football Federation House.

Sumathipala emphasized the growth of his team since March, starting with the support of only his own League, the Anuradhapura Football Association, and now comprising a more extensive coalition of Leagues. The team consists of 13 members, including former Sri Lankan football players and professionals in various management fields.

Highlighting his own experience, Sumathipala noted his three-and-a-half-year tenure as Vice President at the club level and his current role as President of a League for nearly six months.

The primary objective of Sumathipala’s faction is the development of football in Sri Lanka. He acknowledged the country’s current FIFA ranking at 206 and the women’s ranking at 154, emphasizing the need to raise the standard of school football to levels seen in the 1970s and 1980s.

Sumathipala stressed that school football is the foundation of the sport’s growth in Sri Lanka.

Sumathipala emphasized the importance of adhering to the country’s laws, Football Constitution, and Sports Law, pledging to follow the guidance of FIFA and AFC in the future.

Representing the Deniyaya League, Hashini Ariyaratne, a professional banker and former Sri Lankan women’s football captain highlighted the challenges faced by the women’s team and promised to prioritize women’s football development if elected.

The election on September 29 promises to be a pivotal moment for Sri Lanka’s football future, with the Sumathipala fraction firmly believing in their vision for the sport’s development.

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