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‘SUPREME TV’ broadens Telecast Islandwide

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The Channel has joined an existing TV infrastructure and has hurriedly expanded island wide especially to cater to over 660,000 G.C.E (O/L) students who will now be able to continue their studies uninterrupted by watching the Educational content of the channel.

Supreme TV became the first and only channel to dedicate more than half of its airtime and commenced its ‘Supreme Educare’ project for the G.C.E (O/L) students 3 months ago. However due to the channel’s reach being restricted to the western province, students in the rest of the country were unable to enjoy this unique privilege offered by the channel.

Considering the plight of the students out of the western province, especially the poor and rural students who cannot afford internet & Pay TV based educational content, Supreme TV has taken the daring step of expanding in a massive scale islandwide.

Launched by its parent company – Supreme Global Holdings., Supreme TV informs the nation of its determination to use any and all modes of infrastructure including Terrestrial Towers, AI based internet/social media and satellite technology to carry forward its noble mission of supporting the educational needs of the nation’s students and invites Parents, Students and the community as a whole to pass the message to the G.C.E (O/L) students of this unique step taken by the channel thus making sure every one of the 660,000 students who sit for G.C.E (O/L) is benefitted by its ‘Educare’ Programme.

Supreme TV could be viewed on Western – UHF 49 / 47, South – UHF 28 / 51 / 47, Central – UHF 41 / 47,Kandy – UHF 41, Rathnapura – UHF 56,Uva – UHF 30 / 47 / 51,East – UHF 47 / 51,North West – UHF 32 / 47,North Central – UHF 32 / 47, Channel 118 (Dialog TV), Channel 140 (PEO TV) & Leading Cable Operators.

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