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Suspect in Skelton Road robbery arrested

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Borella Police yesterday arrested a suspect, who had been wanted for burglary and theft of a house belonging to a wealthy businessman of an automobile company located at Skelton Road, Bambalapitiya.

The suspect had allegedly stolen a licensed pistol with 12 bullets and cash and gold jewellery worth over Rs. 100 million.

The suspect, a resident of Hokandara had entered the house between 1.30 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. on December 16, while the residents were inside but they had not seen him. The suspect had entered the house from the window of a bathroom on the second floor and had used the front door to exit. The businessman (72) had lodged a complaint with the Bambalapitiya Police.

Police traced the suspect using fingerprints obtained at the scene and the Police said the previous fingerprint records showed that the suspect had been connected to about 40 previous burglaries and theft. Borella Police had sought a detention order on the suspect for further investigations.



Friday, December 23, 2022 – 01:00

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