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Talks to resolve India-Sri Lanka fisheries issue

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Sri Lanka and India have initiated talks to find a permanent solution to the longstanding issue of Indian fishermen, encroaching into Sri Lankan waters.


This follows a high-level meeting between the Chief of Staff of the President, Sagala Ratnayaka and Indian High Commissioner Santosh Jha last week.


The decision comes amid ongoing tensions, with Sri Lankan fishermen protesting against the activities of Indian vessels entering their territorial waters and employing unauthorised methods such as bottom trawling.



One hundred and seventy Indian fishermen have been detained by the Sri Lankan Navy due to these violations, with some already facing legal action in Sri Lankan courts. This has led to protests and hunger strikes in South India, further complicating the situation.


President Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasised the urgency of finding a lasting solution to the issue, citing its recurrent nature despite previous temporary resolutions.Echoing this sentiment, the Indian Central Government has conveyed its willingness to engage in discussions for a remedy. Chief of Staff Ratnayaka, along with the Indian High Commissioner and their teams, have commenced talks to address the root cause of the dispute and fostering lasting peace between the two maritime neighbours.

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