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Tamannaah turns author

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A new book by lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho and actor Tamannaah invokes India’s ancient knowledge to tell readers how inexpensive it is to invest in their lifestyles, prevent diseases, improve longevity and subsequently improve the quality of their lives.

“Back To The Roots”, published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), hit the stands on August 30.

As per the book, “observation and deductive reasoning” have proved to be the bedrock of age-old and time-tested practices including “Indian squat” and the tradition of touching the feet of elders, which are conveniently dubbed as mere “myths in the absence of modern scientific certification.

“’Back To Roots’ is my first book and is special for the very same reason. But more than that, it is something I genuinely believe in and want more people to experience it. My aim is to make people understand the importance of our ancient practices with this book because it goes beyond the idea of being physically fit.”

“Especially, in today’s time, with the constant pressure and race, this cultural knowledge has more significance than anything else,” Tamannaah, who has made her debut as an author with the book, said.

Beside offering the rationale behind over 100 such ancient Indian practices that go a long way in promoting long-term wellness, the book also talks about traditional Indian recipes, superfoods and tips that provide solutions to a host of ailments like constipation, acidity and fever. The Hindu

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