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Temporary driving licence book stolen from Dehiattakandiya Police

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A temporary driving licence book has been stolen from the Dehiattakandiya Police Traffic division in the wake of a tense situation when they went to enforce the law against a drunk driver. A senior police officer stated that a sergeant and a constable attached

to the traffic section of the Dehiattakandiya police station on the night of the July 17, while engaged in traffic duty in Medagama town of Dehiattakandiya, signalled to stop a small lorry that was driving recklessly. At that time, the lorry stopped in the middle of the road instead of taking it to the side of the road and the driver stayed in the lorry. When the police officers went to him and checked him, he smelled of liquor and therefore they were getting ready to impose a fine on him.

At that time, the driver was shouting and preparing to have a confrontation with the police officers. About 20 people gathered at that place and assisted police officers in enforcing the law.

When these two police officers left for their duty, they took the driving license of the drivers who committed traffic offenses and also took a temporary driving licence book with them. The book was found in the side box of the motorcycle they were travelling on. The police suspect that the book was stolen by one of the people gathered when the drunken driver was causing trouble.

The book had 50 pages numbered AA/36 058850 to AA/36 058900. 37 pages of it have been released. A senior police officer said that there were only 13 unreleased pages. The official further mentioned that investigations are going on to find the person who stole this book.

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