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Those responsible for anarchy in 88-89 are putting up black flags today – Rathnapriya

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Former UNP Parliamentarian Saman Rathnapriya yesterday said that those who were responsible for anarchy in 88-89 are putting up black flags and trying to implement their agenda by bringing the problem of the country to a serious level and putting people on the streets.  

 When the 75th Independence Day was being commemorated symbolically, various protests were carried out in different places in the city of Colombo.”It was seen that various persons with black flags were holding marches. Independence Day is a national event that is symbolically commemorated,” Rathnapriya said.

Speaking at a press conference at Sirikotha yesterday, Rathnapriya said that every country in the world has a day of their own. It is a holiday for everyone and a day when everyone attempts to display their pride and symbolic values of the country. We have never seen a situation where a group tries to damage that moment on such a day.

“It is these people who are behaving in a subversive manner, who have basically contributed to bring the country to this state. They are saying do not send foreign remittances to this country, and how many people have organised themselves to boycott the Independence ceremony with black flags,” he said.

He said that they hope that when they see these things, the country will not receive funds from abroad, and that they will talk about this in Geneva. These people are trying to do this and are engaging in an attempt to stop the country from receiving whatever it will receive, to show that this is because it is an oppressive country and it should not be given these things. These persons are trying to take the problems of the country to a far worse, serious level. They believe that they can bring the people on to the streets and thereby be able to implement their agenda.The people who put up the black flags were the ones who took the initiative to create anarchy in this country in 88-89. It is the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna which should be held responsible for 88-89.

“The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna should be held responsible for ‘71. They were initially unable to face the people. At this moment, they are threatening that if the election is not held let us wait and see what happens.”Actually the most important thing at this moment in time is to stabilize the country’s economy and its people. We also saw that the Christian community put up black flags. The leader of the Christian community is someone responsible for bringing Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to power after the Easter Sunday bombings. The leader thought that they needed a protector after the Easter Sunday attacks and worked to bring him to power,” Rathnapriya alleged.

“Instead of helping the current ruler to rebuild the country they have come forward to create anarchy in this country. What I have to say is whoever does so, even if it is God it is wrong. Anuruddha Padeniya is someone who clearly intervened in the country’s destruction. He is someone who should be held responsible for the fertilizer problem. He spoke very forcefully about other things rather than his profession. Such groups who gave leadership are today trying to create serious chaos with the tax policy,” Rathnapriya said.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023 – 01:00

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