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Two addicts who robbed in Katunayake arrested in Thotalanga

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The Katunayake Police arrested two individuals on June 29 night, who had engaged in robberies and stolen property worth about Rs. 2 million from various persons in Katunayake, saying that they were police officers.

The arrest was made when the two persons were discovered hiding in a house in 75 Watte in Thotalanga, Colombo. They were residents of Aandiambalama and Madawala.

They had hired a three-wheeler under the guise of travelling to some place using a three-wheeler driver from Katunayake and stolen the three-wheeler, a gold chain, two mobile phones and the

driver’s wallet and fled. They had come to the Katunayake Free Trade Zone on a motorcycle stolen from Veyangoda and threatened a security officer and stolen his wallet and mobile phone as well. The Security Officer had written down the number of the motorcycle they had come on and handed it over to the Katunayake Police. As a result it was possible to make this arrest.

These persons had come on motorbikes and said that they were from the police and robbed property and wallets of a large number of fish businessmen as well.

It has been revealed during preliminary investigations that the stolen property was sold or mortgaged and the money was used for buying heroin, and one of them needs about Rs.15,000 worth of heroin per day, as both of them were severely addicted to heroin.

Katunayake police have found and taken into their custody, all the items they had been stolen and the two were due to be produced before the Minuwangoda Magistrate’s Court yesterday (30).

This arrest and investigations were carried out on the instructions of Negombo SSP Saman Sigera and ASP Eric Perera under the supervision of Chief Inspector Ajith Nissanka.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 – 01:11

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