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Two held for attempting to sell artefact for Rs. 1,000 Mn

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Dug out from ancient Muhudu Maha Viharaya :
The chaitya weighing about 25 kg
The chaitya weighing about 25 kg

Two persons were arrested by the Police Special Task Force who were ready to sell a replica of a chaitya made of rock and studded with gemstones weighing about 25 kg, which is said to have been dug up from the archaeological reserve belonging to the Muhudu Maha Viharaya in the Eastern Province for Rs.1000 million rupees.

According to the information received by the officers of the Moratuwa Special Task Force Camp, a group of people are looking for buyers to sell an artifact, which is said to contain relics, this it was found while inspecting a house located in Yatagama Veyangoda Police Division.

At that time, two youths who were staying at the house were also arrested by the officers of the Police Special Task Force.

One of the suspects is a 22-year-old man named D.A.H.T. Samarakoon, a resident of that house, and the other suspect is a 34-year-old man named K. Rujendern, a resident of Kengalle, Ambakote. The Special Task Force mentioned that these two suspects have been looking for buyers and brokers to sell the replica of the chaitya. The police Special Task Force has found that the mother of the arrested 22-year-old suspect is a woman engaged in astrology. She had come home after the suspects were arrested by the STF. She had told the police that the the Chaithya contains relics. The Police Special Task Force stated that this woman and her brother were on bail after being remanded in custody in connection with a treasure hunt. The Police Special Task Force mentioned that five gemstones are inserted into the chaitya and a gold coloured Buddha statue can be seen inside from the small holes in the structure.

The Police Special Task Force stated that the circumference of this chaitya is 76 cm, the height is 37 cm and the weight is about 25 kg. During the questioning of the suspects, they have said Rajendran, had received this from a person named Mohammed, a resident of Batticaloa. During police questioning the suspect has that it was given to him to be sold and by Mohammad He had also told police that Mohammad had told him that four such structures were excavated from the site of the Muhudu Maha Viharaya.

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