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Two who stole car using machine arrested

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Machine with software bought for Rs. 60,000
Over 2,000 different types of SIM cards found

Thalangama Police arrested two suspects who stole a car valued around Rs.10 million belonging to a bank officer, which had been parked in the car park at a medical center   in Thalawathugoda within 24 hours. The stolen car with the two suspects, a modern machine with software used to scan and start the car which had been used in the robbery, the car in which the suspects had come for the robbery, nearly 2,000 different types of SIM cards have been taken into police custody.

A bank officer resident at Athurugiriya had come to the medical center to obtain treatment and parked his car in the car park and gone to get his treatment on May 27 night.When he returned, to go back home, he had seen that his vehicle was missing and had been stolen and then complained to the police.

During investigations carried out by the Thalangama Police, they had noticed a suspicious vehicle approaching the car park and then leaving. Subsequent to a lengthy investigation carried out based on this evidence, they were able to identify the two suspects.

One suspect was taken into custody at a house in Kaduwela and he had given more information about the theft.Police said that the other suspect who had been involved in the theft was arrested from a boarding house in Weliwita, Kaduwela.

A machine containing software of modern technology which could automatically start a car after scanning it was found in the possession of the suspect who was taken into custody from the house at Kaduwela. According to the police, the other suspect had with him, more than 2,000 SIM cards of various types.

The suspect had said that he had bought the machine with software through an advertisement on the internet for Rs.60,000.

Subsequent to a lengthy interrogation of the two suspects, the stolen car was found from a jungle area in Thihagoda, Matara where it had been well hidden. The two number plates which had been thrown into a well in the same area was also found.

Police investigations revealed that subsequent to stealing the car on May 27, they had taken it to the main suspect’s house in Kaduwela and removed fixtures from inside the car and taken it to Thihagoda, Matara on the Expressway. A police officer involved in the investigations said that they are trying to find out whether these two suspects had been engaged in such robberies previously as well.


Wednesday, May 31, 2023 – 01:00

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