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Udayanga files motion seeking release of cash freezed in two bank accounts

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Former Sri Lanka to Russia Ambassador Udayanga Weerathunga filed a special motion and sought from the Colombo High Court to release the money from two bank accounts which have been suspended for suspecting that money has been obtained in the MIG transaction. When the case was taken up before Colombo High Court Judge Damith Thotawatta, President’s Counsel Anil Silva appearing for Weerathunga sought from court to release to him the bank withdrawal money credited to his ambassador’s salary for nine years as the ambassador to Russia and the money deposited in another bank account before the MIG deal (before 2006).

Weerathunga’s counsel informed Court producing an affidavit submitted by Weeratunga that his client’s accounts had been unilaterally suspended for eight years and he was in great financial difficulty.

In 2015, a journalist named Iqbal Athas complained to the Anti-Corruption Committee that there was a financial irregularity in the purchase of MiG aircraft for the Sri Lanka Air Force. According to a complaint filed by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division on March 26, 2015 regarding the 2006 MiG transaction, the Fort Magistrate’s Court ordered an investigation over the matter.

He also mentioned that it is a great injustice that the level of bank accounts has been suspended unilaterally, accusing him of the MIG transaction that happened 17 years ago. It was submitted to the court that the director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank has extended the period of disabling the accounts till tomorrow (14).

He further requested to release the money in his account in the Commercial Bank before the Sri Lanka government signed the MIG deal as well as the salary he received for almost nine years when he held the position of ambassador.

After considering the submissions made by the defence, the Colombo High Court Judge ordered the prosecution to inform their position over the matter on today.The case will be taken up again today.

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