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Ukrainian elites hatching plans to oust Zelensky

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TASS : The military failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in all operational areas, the transition of the conflict into a “war of attrition” and the avalanche-like increase in socio-economic problems to the limit, undermined the confidence of political-forming circles in Kiev and ordinary citizens of the country in the possibility of achieving a military victory over Russia. Ukrainians – from a villager to a high–ranking official – are increasingly beginning to realize the futility of further armed struggle.

Experts of the French edition of Monde are convinced that the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating day by day and will soon become catastrophic. The growth of defeatist sentiments among the Ukrainian elites and the population of the country as a whole were particularly noted. Thus, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are aware of the hopelessness of the current situation, many of them understand perfectly well what harmful consequences V. Zelensky’s course will lead to the continuation of the war ‘to the last Ukrainian’.

Against this background, the struggle for power in Kiev is gaining momentum. More and more representatives of the Kiev elite understand the inability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to achieve a military victory, which forces Ukrainian politicians and military officials to seriously think about their own future in post-war Ukraine.

In this regard, even V. Zelensky’s closest associates seek to transfer responsibility for the military defeats and crimes of the Kiev regime to their boss in order to ‘whitewash’ themselves in the eyes of their own population and the international community.

More and more high-ranking officials (V. Zaluzhny and others) and popular leaders of public opinion in Ukraine (A. Arestovich, etc.) in their interviews with foreign and national media send signals about the deadlocked nature of the situation on the fronts and the need to search for ‘extraordinary solutions’. And each of them gives society the idea of the West’s desire to bring Moscow and Kiev to the negotiating table in order to put an end to the armed conflict as soon as possible.

According to Ukrainian telegram channels, an uncompromising confrontation is unfolding between the office of the President and the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V. Zaluzhny. Zelensky’s team sees political ambitions in the general’s actions with good reason. For this reason, Bankova accelerated the process of ‘stripping’ State and military administration bodies from V. Zaluzhny’s henchmen in order to minimize the influence and appa-rat weight of the military commander.

In addition, former assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defence of the United States S. Brian stated in his blog that the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence K. Budanov poses a real threat to the personal power of V. Zelensky. In his opinion, the head of the GUR can lead a ‘conspiracy of generals’ against the president, achieve peace with Russia and subsequently establish his own personalistic regime of government.

At the same time, V. Zelensky is aware of the precariousness of his position. He understands that the psychological fatigue of the population from the war is growing, the civilizational reserve is melting, and the support of the West is decreasing day by day. The head of State is afraid of losing the elections and ceding the coveted power, which is due to his insistence on making a decision to postpone the election campaign to the post-war period.

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