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Uni. students disrupt monk’s event in Trinco

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A tense situation prevailed in Trincomalee yesterday after a group of Tamil students from Trincomalee University protested at a place in the town where 50 monks from Thailand were planning to hold a religious ceremony. The event had been organized to mark 270 years since Upasampada was brought back to Sri Lanka from Thailand.

The university students, who came to the place where the religious ceremony was organized, started distributing a porridge in remembrance of people died during the last stages if war in Mullaithivu Vellamullivaikkal and some people who had gathered at the location for the event had also started drinking it.

This religious festival was planned to be held in front of the four Bodhi Trees planted to mark the historical event.

A group of people had also started protesting against the actions of the students.

However, with the support of the security forces, the organizing committee took steps to change the programme of the religious ceremony and held it in a different way.

Monday, May 15, 2023 – 01:04

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