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UNP to fight for the downtrodden – Range Bandara

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He made this comment while expressing his views to the media yesterday (30). He said there were many problems in the country.

“Education, health, no vaccines, the fertilizer problem, no way for fishermen to catch fish, price of fuel has been increased, there is no way of selling fish that have been caught. Ships are catching fire on either side of the country. The country is in a chaotic state in every way. We will take on the leadership against the government concerning the pressure the people are under due to those problems. We have waited enough. We have to begin work. A mission that will be felt by the country and the government that will line up the people has to be launched. We have to go on a fast journey for that purpose.

We will strictly look into the discipline of newly appointed local government representatives. We have to protect the honour of our Party. There is no use of members who simply obtain a monthly allowance. We will monitor every district manager, electorate organizer and local government member. We even inquired into the Facebook accounts of all 74 newly appointed local government representatives. We checked them out thoroughly.

Members of local government institutions who obtained posts from our Party, violated our Party Constitution are persons who worked together with other political organizations. It was not a pleasure to remove them from our party. We tried to gather them and work together. Many of them accepted the wrong they had committed and rejoined us. We had to even, against our will remove those who continuously worked against the Party in order to protect the discipline of the UNP.

Although they went even to the Supreme Court, the Court approved of our decision.

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