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Uswatte Confectionery launches multi-grain nutritional cracker ‘Manna’

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The Manna cracker is an ideal alternative for a breakfast diet and is far healthier than regular biscuits and crackers. Best of all, it offers a host of health benefits while also being a tasty alternative to other crackers in the market.

The Manna cracker claims the distinction of being the only cracker in Sri Lanka with the highest percentage of fibre content with 11.6%. The fact that this product being sugar free and not containing any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, makes it an ideal choice for people who seek a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst being high in nutritional value, the Manna cracker also offers an excellent taste experience for people of all ages.

Commenting on the newly launched product, “Chairman/Managing Director at Uswatte Confectionery Works, Quintus Perera said, “We are indeed proud to launch this unique nutritional cracker to the local market and empower loyal consumers who seek a healthy way of life. At present people are becoming highly health conscious.”

“The name of the product “Manna” refers to; food gifted from God”. Among the nutritional benefits of the Manna Cracker, its main ingredients, Wheat is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.”

Former Head and Deputy Director Food Technology Section, Industrial Technology Institute Dr. Jaanaki Gooneratne highly recommended the Manna cracker for its nutritional value.

Uswatte will be diverting around 90% of the profit derived from this product to drive forth both ongoing and future CSR projects.

Manna cracker is currently available in Sri Lanka as a family pack and a mini pack will soon be launched to the local market.

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