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Vadivel Suresh, Ranil lock horns in House

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Raising an issue of privileges and threat to his life, Vadivel Suresh alleged that former MPs and UNP seniors have threatened him with death after storming into the office of the Janatha Estate Workers Union armed with weapons.

“On September 8, a group of former ministers, ministerial security personnel and an unknown  gang armed with poles and iron bars entered my office in Rajagiriya. Among them were former Minister Sagala Ratnayaka, Ruwan Wijewardene and Navin Dissanayake together with security personnel. They and some others entered my office premises by breaking down the doors. I have represented Parliament since 2004 and have served as a Deputy Minister and a State Minister during my tenure. I am still an MP and this group who are now ordinary citizens entered my premises and attacked us and I urge the Speaker to investigate this matter as it is clearly evident that my life is at risk.”

He said that although he had complained to the Welikada Police regarding this incident but to date the Welikada Police had not taken any action against those involved. Therefore, he urged the Speaker to ensure that appropriate measures are taken regarding this incident.

Wickremesinghe who responded said the issue leading to this incident was sub judice as a Court case is pending regarding that matter. Hence, he said that Speaker will be able to look into the matter only after the Court case is completed.

Vadivel, agitated by Wickremesinghe’s comment accused him of trying to prevent justice being meted out to a trade unionist. “I am a trade unionist. Therefore you can’t prevent justice being done to me,” he said yelling at Wickremesinghe.

“There was a group who had come there, Mr. Speaker, please ask this lunatic to sit,” Wickremesinghe said, adding that it was a money related issue.

Meanwhile, MP Harin Fernando who pitched in said MP Wickremesinghe was correct in pointing out that there is a Court case involved in the issue. However MP Suresh only raised a Matter of Privilege as an MP. There was an enjoining order earlier, but that was removed recently. Hence, the case is ongoing, but we can carry on our duties. What MP Vadivel did was raise an issue regarding the breaking in. What he pointed out was that the Welikada OIC had not even investigated the incident. There is a lot of money there and the MP raised this issue as he is responsible for it,” he said.

However, Wickremesinghe said that the privileges issue could be raised after the Court issues its verdict regarding this case.

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