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‘Vallamai Tarayo’ short story collection acclaimed in Tamil Nadu

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Matale Vadivelan’s collection of short stories titled ‘Vallamai Tarayo’ has received huge recognition in Tamil Nadu.

This volume of short stories has received great praise among Tamil scholars as a collection of literature depicting the hardships of life for the Indian-origin hill (upcountry) people living in Sri Lanka in a realistic manner.

As a symbol of this recognition, Chief Editor of ‘Thai’ magazine and President of Dr. MGR Janaki Women’s College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Kumar Rajendran, will honour Matale Vadivenan’s short story collection ‘Vallamai Tarayo’ with an award of one lakh Sri Lankan rupees as a special literary award.

Journalist Mana who has worked in Tughlaq, Kumutham, Jaya, and Vijay Television and is currently the Managing Editor of ‘Thai’ magazine, said that according to the panel of the best judges of Tamil Nadu, the volume ‘Vallammai Tarayo,’ published in Sri Lanka, is the best short story book that brings the life of the hilly (upcountry) people in Sri Lanka to the people of Tamil Nadu.

The foreword to this collection by Prof. M. Nithyanandhan from London has been a great success in bringing Matale Vadivelan’s writing to Tamil Nadu readers. Publisher and writer H. H. Wickramasinghe (Matale Selva) compiled with great effort and published by the ‘Kalaioli Muthiah Pillai’ Memorial Committee.

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