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Villagers catch five mango pluckers in Madunagala, bailed out

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The Hambantota Magistrate and Additional District Judge Oshadha Migara Mahaarachchi ordered Monday (27) evening, the release of five suspects on surety bail, who were arrested by the Sooriyawewa Police and presented

to the Hambantota Magistrate’s Court on charges of breaking into a commercial mango plantation located in Madunagala area in

Sooriyawewa and stealing mangoes worth Rs.700,000, since they pleaded guilty.

The suspects released on personal bail are:Subasinghe Arachchige Maduranga Deshapriya, Kuda Indiwewa, Pahala Andarawewa, Hambantota. Kankanam Arachchige Ashen Tharuka, 46/1, Bogahaindiwewa, Sooriyawewa Karandeniya Madurage Uditha Jayamal of, 16th Post, Bogahaindiwewa, Sooriyawewa Mahage Kavindu Hashen Sandaruwan, Weliwewa, Meegahajandura, Sooriyawewa Hettiarachchige Gayan Kumara of, 260/93/6A, Pokunuvita, Horana.

Suspects had gone to the mango plantation early morning on Monday 27 in a rented car and packed the mangoes into sacks.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – 01:04

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