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Voice of emotion, harmony, and inspiration

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The mesmerising, ethereal, and sweet haunting voice of Hirushi Jayasena brings the song Aalen alive in all its wonderful facets. Hirushi’s latest anthem of love is now out as her first Sinhala original of 2023! There is certainly something electrifying about Aalen. Hirushi is able to immediately connect with the listener or the audience. As we know, for any song to be popular, there needs to be that connection. This is what brings the song to life in the mind of the listener.

Aalen is written and composed by Hirushi herself and is produced by Spiron. The music video was beautifully captured and directed by Hasinth Pathirana of OffRoad Pictures. “I was 6 years old when I first stepped in front of a studio mic, and that relationship hasn’t ever stopped,” says Hirushi.

Arts and Culture speaks to Hirushi about this relationship.

COVID-19 was a difficult time for all of us, and after COVID-19, we had to face the economic crisis. Musicians are sensitive individuals affected by what happens around them. That is how they create their music, by relating to others. That is how they create such beautiful music, by being able to connect with others and identify with others. How did those dark times affect Hirushi? What gave her life meaning and hope during those dark times?

“Art is to console those who are broken by life. I feel that the rough edges, the darkness, and imperfections are facets through which we can draw inspiration more deeply. In these cases, I tend to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, and if there is no light at the end, we can be the light itself. It’s a sentiment a close friend has shared with me, and it’s something I carry. All my themes start with simple yet complex experiences of life, love, desire, ambition, justice, and internal power. We felt these elements in new kinds of depth and angles recently, especially during and after lockdown. I believe every creation I have made was influenced by these experiences. When I collaborate with another artist, I like to give space to their experiences too,” said Hirushi.

Creative process

Hirushi feels that her peak is yet to come if it ever does. Her focus is on being in the moment and having enriched experiences in the present through her creative process. “I’m only getting better in knowing myself and reflecting it through my creations,” she says.

This is a question people ask over and over again: To be a successful singer, do you need to be born with talent or do you need to work hard by practicing? But that is such a hackneyed question, is it not? So we asked Hirushi, “Why must you sing? There are so many vocations in the world, why should you choose to sing?”

“To me personally, my voice has always been a powerful mode of expression. Being a former media personality and now a singer, my voice is a medium to speak my thoughts, feelings, and experiences effectively. I was 6 years old when I first stepped in front of a studio mic, and that relationship hasn’t ever stopped. Although I received my education in different fields, my voice brings the most colour into my life.”

Hirushi has a few simple pleasures. She watches movies and studies them. She plays the piano. And when traveling the world, she is a coffee connoisseur, trying different types of coffee. She also spends time with her 5 cats whenever she’s at home. Super fun!

“Aalen was produced by Spiron and directed by Hasinth Pathirana. While I was based in Los Angeles, I also remotely released my passion project, a debut track in Hindi called Meri Zindagi, featuring Shaan. I do have one more exciting track coming up this year with a fiery feature! Feeling super grateful,” pointed out Hirushi.

Child stars

In the film and music industry, we know that with fame and fortune, artists may go astray. This is especially true when it comes to child stars. Today, because of social media, a young guy or girl can become phenomenally successful. They can become a great singer and become insanely wealthy. But we know that with fame, money, and success, sex and drugs can also enter their lives. So many child stars have gone astray and fallen into lifestyles that involve sex and drugs.

“There is only a certain bandwidth on which a small, innocent child can make independent decisions. The biggest responsibility lies with the guardians, educators, and, if the case, a professional team representing the child. No matter how early a career may begin, giving access to a full education is truly important,” explained Hirushi.

There are all kinds of professions in the world. Some are scientists, mathematicians, engineers, actors, singers, sportsmen/sportswomen, etc. But all can make a difference in the world. We asked Hirushi, what kind of a difference would she like to make in the world?

“I consider myself a success if I am able to inspire my followers to reach their success. I want my presence in their lives to convert to their improvement, whether it be through creating their own content, building one’s self-confidence, thriving with their own brand, finding spiritual healing, or other. I would love to see my fans moving forward along with me, side by side.”

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