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Vudoir makes aggressive foray into US eCommerce industry

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  • Lankan-enhanced and NY TriState Capital Partners-owned 

Vudoir, a software solution specialist in the eCommerce arena, is ambitiously expanding into the booming US eCommerce market after being acquired by the New York based fund, TriState Capital Partners in August last year. 

Driving this expansion is a team spread out across the world, including a team of developers in Sri Lanka.

Vudoir is a digital sales assistant that helps online shoppers answer any questions they have when selecting a product. It can be easily integrated into any eCommerce platform as a chatbot to do so. Underneath the hood, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse a vast pool of data to answer any questions customers, retailers, brands, and market researchers may have.

On eCommerce sites today, Vudoir helps shoppers make informed decisions when selecting a product. Users can get real-time updates on stock, size, fit, product features, delivery details, and much more through its chatbot.

Vudoir’s AI can also analyse data from first-time and returning shoppers for retailers and brands. With this data, it creates a detailed analytics dashboard and can generate customised reports. According to the startup, its software has helped eCommerce retailers increase their conversions by 40% and over 1,000 daily customer engagements.

Alina Franco and Paolo Rizzardini, the founders of the technology startup Vudoir; first identified the need for a versatile solution to choice overload on eCommerce platforms and set up the Company in February 2015.

Vudoir began as a B2C company and eventually hit a whopping 70,000 MAUS (Monthly Active Users) from around the globe. This statistic gave the company a solid foundation to take the leap forward in their expansion and add value to retailers as a B2B software solution.

Three years later, Sri Lankan entrepreneur Joe Lenora met Alina in Spain and briefed her on the country’s local tech talent pool. In order to facilitate this technological shift, Joe joined the Vudoir team as its Chief Technical Officer and became a shareholder of the company.

Looking back, Joe shares that it wasn’t a tough decision for the company to shift its IT operations to Sri Lanka. Local companies like We Are Designers, WSO2, Virtusa, MilleniumIT, 99X to name a few, have built a global presence. Sri Lanka also boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the South Asian region and has a rich culture promoting creativity and innovation.

Elaborating on the promise of Sri Lanka, Joe shared, “The future of work is distributed in nature and Sri Lanka is one of the best places for IT. Sri Lanka has a pool of 80,000+ talented IT professionals who speak fluent English. Increasingly, we’re proving to be an ideal environment for testing the viability of products that can rapidly scale in regional South Asian markets like India and Pakistan. So, it’s a busy period and the local industry is growing rapidly.”

Thus began a part of Vudoir’s operation in Sri Lanka under Joe and Pasindu Wijesena. The Sri Lankan arm has helped the platform reach new heights, signing clients and telecom partners across the continent of Europe. As a result, Vudoir effortlessly grabbed the attention of investors and venture firms from across the globe.

In August last year, Vudoir was acquired by TriState Capital Partners (TCP), based in New York. The company recognises small and medium-scale ‘stranded assets’ and accelerates their growth with financial power, new contracts, experience, strategic relationships, and a complete pool of business resources.

Following the acquisition, Vudoir set up a subsidiary in New York and shifted its core operations to the US as it seeks to expand into the booming market. Under this acquisition, TCP anticipates the Vudoir platform to disrupt the US eCommerce industry with its SaaS platform.

Looking towards the future, Vudoir is now set to take on any challenges that come its way along the path to becoming the game-changer in the world of online shopping.

Source FT
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