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“Wanted Rs.100,000, hit him on head as he refused”

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‘Shades’ owner’s murder: Couple arrested
* Could’nt go to Indonesia due to visa issue
* Returned to Kolonnawa from BIA by bus

Police yesterday arrested a husband (Azeemdeen Insaf Deen-27) and wife (Huswa Faslim-23) in connection with the murder of businessman Roshan Wanninayake, the owner of the Shades clothing store chain, whose body was found floating in the swimming pool on the third floor of his three-storied house in Pelawatta recently.

The 23 and 27 year old suspects are residents of Narahenpita.

A police officer said that the husband had confessed to the killing. The suspects were arrested in Kadawatha.

According to the internal information of the police, the main suspect was arrested when a police team went from Kandana to Kadawatha and he was staying near a famous ready-made clothing shop in Kadawatha.

Police information revealed that a relative of the main suspect’s wife had given information to an officer of the Kandana Police that the main suspect was staying near the shop.

After killing the businessman on the 30th, the couple had tried to flee the country.

They had booked two air tickets to go to Indonesia on the businessman’s own credit card and traveled to the airport by the businessman’s own car on the expressway. It was the morning of the 31st. However, they had not been able to depart due to a visa issue.The husband had said they got into a bus and came to Kolonnawa after going to the airport as the car had broken down. Later investigators by tracking their phones found that they had gone from one place to the other at various outstation locations.

It is said that they had been brought to Kadawatha by a relative. The man has admitted during questioning he withdrew money from the businessman’s ATM card.

The police after questioning him believe he is directly responsible for businessman’s death.

But an officer said the way he replies to questions suggest that he is trying hard to show that his wife was not involved.

According to the questioning of the suspect, the main suspect entered the house in Pelawatte on the 30th at 6.37 pm or around that time. It is said that he has been staying in this house for about two hours. The murder happened during that time.

He has told the police that he got to know this businessman through a mobile app.

Police also had questioned him on his connection with the businessman.The suspect had said he and the suspect were in the pool and he had asked the businessman to give him 100,00 rupees for an urgent matter.

The suspect has said as the businessman refused to give such a large sum he got angry and hit him on the head with a club.The suspect had said later he had thrown the businessman in the pool and had taken his vehicle and had gone to Kolonnawa.

Later he has said he had told the wife that he was in trouble and was going abroad for a few days and as his wife had insisted on coming he had to take her as well. 

Monday, February 6, 2023 – 01:19

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