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Watcher’s mysterious death probed

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The Potuhera Police have commenced an investigation regarding the mysterious shooting and killing of a watcher at the Moragolla Estate in Bogamuwa, Kurunegala. The watcher is said to have been a retired service personnel. Potuhera Police said that a 22-year-old youth named Dasun Maheshan died in the shooting.

The body of a wounded porcupine had been found next to the body of the watcher.

Police said that the guard had died after falling face first onto a gun with ammunition manufactured in a foreign country. Investigations have also revealed that the firearm is unlicensed.

The dead man had come to work as a watcher at the estate only about five days ago. The body of the young man with a gunshot wound had been found on Sunday (19).

Investigations have also revealed that the dead watchman, a resident of Kahawatta Panapitiya, was involved in the mining industry. According to Police the man who was the watcher of this 27-acre estate was found dead in a nearby estate.

The Police suspect that the watcher’s death occurred when he had been out hunting with some other watchers when a firearm belonging to someone else had been fired. A senior Police officer said that the watcher was believed to have been the victim of the bullet fired at the porcupine.

The officer further said that several other people working in this estate are being questioned in connection with the watcher’s death.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 – 01:04

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