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We must put aside our differences and work together – MP Tissa Kuttiarachchi

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SLPP MP Tissa Kuttiarachchi said the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) is not ready to talk about the Presidential candidate until the Presidential election is announced.

“After the date for the Presidential election is announced, the Party will announce the SLPP candidate.It is not possible to elect a President without the “Pohottuwa” and without the Rajapaksas,” Kuttiarachchi said.

He stated this while attending the media conference held on Thursday (11) at the SLPP party headquarters. He said that the quality of politicians has gone down and they always dream of how to take power.

“What we have seen in politics in recent times is that the main goal of the politician is how to grab power politically. But unfortunately, some politicians forget that they are in the governing party when they take power,” he added.

Kuttiarachchi further said that now the time has arisen to change the mind-set of politicians. If only the political parties change, political leaders will change. Unless the politicians change, this country will not be benefited. Now political parties, political leaders and politicians have come to an era where they need to change.

“Who will govern the people now? The people are now waiting to see which group will give the country a programme. I have to say that if the people of the country and the youth community change. In the end, what was expected from the struggle happened? Now where the actors and actresses who led the struggle, the social activists are not found today,” he added.

Speaking of the people who were with the struggle, Kuttiarachchi said groups active in that struggle took the law of the country into their own hands. The politician’s eyes were opened through the struggle.

“Therefore, the struggle has to be considered as an opportunity situation that came out of a certain period of unpleasant experience in this country. So now we have come to a situation where we all have to put these struggles aside and work together,” he added.

“Many people believed that the SLPP could not go to the village today and the SLPP couldn’t hold a political meeting. But we had to mark a new beginning by holding the May day rally successfully,” he added.

He added that the SLPP wanted to show that the Party is still active in this political journey and to mark the beginning of the May Day rally in a very successful way.Speaking on the IMF loan facility he said that the country received a little stimulus from the IMF.“But even if we bring in dollars as aid, if we spend it with a dependency mindset and for consumption, the country will go into an abyss again.

Therefore, how can we find a process to generate another dollar in our country by using even one dollar received from abroad, and if we can manage all this money, sitting on the fact that it is suitable for export, then the next generation will be able to build.

The public servant who used to accuse only the politician is being accused these days. But the public servants should keep in mind to discharge the maximum efficiency of the public service. Therefore, it is not good for government officials to do work that embarrasses the government. It is not good for politicians to do activities that embarrass public officials. Therefore, public servants are clearly reminded that it is difficult to do these things alone for the future of the country. Therefore, we all should understand the reality of this country and work together in this sacrifice.


Saturday, May 13, 2023 – 01:00

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