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Wife held for murder of husband

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Wellawa Police reported that a man who tried to take nude photos of his 14-year-old daughter by force in order to make his YouTube channel popular and put it on the internet to earn money, was hacked to death by his wife.

The deceased is a 37-year-old resident of Wellawa Talwita, who worked as an attendant at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital. He has one other child – an eght-year-old boy. It has been revealed in the police investigation that the deceased had recently started a YouTube channel and was uploading nude photos of women with the aim of making it popular.

For that, he has tried to take nude photos of his only daughter on several occasions, but due to the strong opposition of his daughter and wife, he has not been able to accomplish the task. Due to this, it has been revealed that the deceased had constant quarrels with his wife and even assaulted her. It is also said that on the night of the incident, he threw his wife and son out of the house, closed the door and tried to take nude pictures of his daughter. Later the wife had forced open the door.

It is also said that she first attacked her husband with chili powder and then hacked him to death with a sword which she had brought from her mother’s house. The Wellawa Police have arrested the wife of the deceased in connection with the murder.

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