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World Bank ready to assist in achieving President’s goal

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A discussion was held at the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday (05) about getting support for many agricultural projects to be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries.

The discussion was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, and the representatives of the World Bank, Ms. Dina Umali-Deininger, (Regional Director of sustainable development), Ms. Gayathri Acharya, (Practice Manager Agriculture and Food) Mr. John Keyzer, (Senior Special Economist), Ms. Anna O’Donnell (Lead Social Development Specialist), Mr. Ipec Alkan, (Operation Adviser), Atula Senaratne, Senior Agricultural Economist, Manoharan, Senior Advisor and others joined the discussion.

Drone technology, fencing with electric circuits used to prevent crop damage, providing parachute discs, uplifting the dairy industry, etc. were discussed here. There was a discussion about obtaining financial allocations for these areas, especially under World Bank loan assistance.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, who expressed his views here, said that President Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed the Ministry of Agriculture to set up a work order to double the paddy yield in Sri Lanka in the next six cropping seasons and that the necessary new technology for rice cultivation should be provided.

The delegation also said that this work arrangement should be implemented with the aim of making the country self-sufficient in rice as well as paddy export in our country, and that the World Bank is ready to provide the necessary support for that.

The representatives also pointed out that the work order presented by the Department of Agriculture should be presented to them immediately.

The Minister also instructed the Director General of the Department of Agriculture Mrs. Malathi Parasuraman to immediately submit the work order prepared by the Department of Agriculture to double the paddy yield in the country within six growing seasons.

The Secretary of the Ministry Mr. Janaka Dharmakeerthi also participated in this discussion.

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