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World’s tallest woman breaks three more Guinness World Records

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Turkey: Rumeysa Gelgi, who has been named the World’s Tallest Woman by Guinness World Records (GWR), has now broken three additional records. The Turkish woman is now the proud holder of five world records, according to GWR.

According to a verification in February 2022 and confirmed by GWR, her record breaking features for three additional records include:

* Longest finger on a living person (female): 11.2 cm (4.40 in)

* Largest hands on a living person (female): her right-hand measures 24.93 cm (9.81 in) and left-hand measures 24.26 cm (9.55 in)

* Longest back on a living person (female): 59.90 cm (23.58 in)

Ms Gelgi (born January 1st, 1997) is a lawyer, researcher, and front-end developer who has held the Guinness World Record for tallest living woman in the world since October 2021.

Her most recent measurement revealed that she stands at a towering 215.16 cm (7ft 0.7in), and her worldwide popularity too has reached dizzying heights.

There is a video posted by GWR on YouTube where she can be seen explaining about herself and the disease she got by birth.

“I got bullied a lot as a kid, but that one of the benefits of being tall is that you can hold Guinness World Records,” she said.

“I received my first record title in 2014 as a teenager and since then I have been using her title for advocacy reasons that is why I am grateful for,” Ms Gelgi added. Ms Gelgi normally moves in a wheelchair due to her disability, and can walk only for short periods of time.


Friday, May 6, 2022 – 01:00

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